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After taking a good look at our innovative great-value options to clean your property, now you can conisder our money-saving Price list. Yes, it’s unbelievable, but true – Our price list is a genuine bargain offer. You can save a fortune by using our practical and efficient cleaning services.

Cleaners Kingston KT1 1AA follows customers’ needs and personal requirements. There isn’t a better cleaning company to provide their clients with the quality they expect at prices they don’t. Using easy, safe and rewarding methods of cleaning, natural materials, modern tools and accessories Cleaners Kingston KT1 1AA create impressive results quickly and safely. Experienced, skilful, vetted and reliable cleaners produce miracles that please the eye. With Cleaners Kingston KT1 1AA CLEAN means BEAUTIFUL.

Cleaners Kingston KT1 1AA is able to ensure that your home would turn into incredibly cozy, pleasant and dust or other waste free place to live in. We can make from your house/flat a HOME! Your garden will be always looked after carefully and you can enjoy it clean and tidy during summer and winter, spring and autumn.

Carpet Cleaning Prices vary depending on the size, fabric and general layout of the carpets to be cleaned. Please call our office staff on  for more information and a free price quotation.

Cleaning Services Kingston: Price List

End of Tenancy
Studio flat (excluding carpet cleaning) £95
Studio flat (including carpet cleaning) £127
One Bedroom Property (excluding carpet cleaning) £129
One Bedroom Property (including carpet cleaning) £169
Two Bedroom Property (excluding carpet cleaning) £151
Two Bedroom Property (including carpet cleaning) £211
Three Bedroom Property (excluding carpet cleaning) £191
Three Bedroom Property (including carpet cleaning) £265

Carpet Cleaning Prices
Single Bedroom Carpet Cleaning £24
Living Room Carpet Cleaning £28
1 pair short Curtains £19
Two-seat microfibre sofa – £36
Three-seat Suede sofa – £108
Three-Seat Sofa Microfibre Cleaning £40
Armchair – £22

One Off Cleaning– Charged by the hour. Call us today and one of our operators will give a free quote based on your priorities.

Upholstery – Steam Cleaning
Half length pair of curtains £ 20
Full length pair of curtains £ 28
Mattress £ 19
Sofa by seat £ 14
Office chair £ 5
Dinning chairs £ 7

Per room £ 17
Sofa (per seat) £ 7

Carpets – Dry cleaning
Bedroom small to 10m2 – £ 36
Bedroom mid 15m2 – 20m2 – £ 41
Bedroom 20m2 up – £ 46
Dining/Living – £ 49
Through lounge – £ 77
By the step – £ 10
Hallway – £ 26
Flights stairs – £ 47
Landing – £ 12
Rug large – £ 96
Rug small – £ 72
Study/Small room – £ 34
Bathroom – £ 20
Toilet/WC sink – £ 17

Rubbish Removal Prices:

Van Loaded Cubic Yards Household Waste Max Weight Builders Waste
Min charge 1 £60-£70 100kg £60-£70
1/4 Van 3 £100-£120 250kg £110-£130
1/2 Van 6 £150-£180 500kg £160-£190
3/4 Van 9 £210-£250 750kg £210-£250
Full Van 12 £250-£300 1000kg £260-£310

Minimum charge for oven cleaning services is £45.

Please bear in mind that our service includes cleaning of the original racks and grill pans in the oven only. Any additional fixtures will incur extra charges.

Make a difference to your home with our Great-Value Money-Saving cleaning services!

Book Cleaners in Kingston KT1 at Affordable Rates

For further assistance or to discuss your requirements, please contact us on  or you can go directly to our Book a cleaner page to place your cleaning appointment.