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Carry O.S. ‎ 22 Nov 2011

I’m a full time student that lives in Lambeth and I have a huge place that was in dire need of cleaning. I found Cleaners Kingston KT1 1AA on Google and called them right away. Ryan and his crew were nice enough to book me for the next day! They left my place spotless, dust free! They did an amazing job, very detailed! Cleaners Kingston KT1 1AA is definitely trustworthy, I was very pleased..I’ll be calling them again!

Borris A.J. 17 Nov 2011

After several hits and miss cleaners, i have finally found Cleaners Kingston KT1 1AA! They came right on time and were whirling dervishes , like mr clean. the best thing is this – everything is put back exactly where it was (or in an even better place). i could not be happier. i stayed home with them the first time and have no trouble letting them come back on their own. they are very considerate and gentle re: my kitty and they used the green products i have. sparkling clean and really great job! i hired them for every 2 weeks – and the price is VERY reasonable.

Robin A.H. 16 Nov 2011

I was very happy with the service’s provided by Cleaners Kingston KT1 1AA! My home was always clean and orderly after their visit. They even dealt with my dog although I told them she wouldn’t be there. Not any easy task as she likes to chase vacuum cleaners, is a Mastiff (could be intimidating to those who do not know her). They could have called and said they wouldn’t clean and even charged me a deserved late cancellation fee. They did not! They simply put her outside and did their work! Very pleased!!